Thursday, September 13, 2007


I like how some of the library systems incorporated the use of wikis into their basic services. The Princeton Public Library use their wiki for public book reviews, others use it as an introduction to Library 2.0 trends or subject guides. I think they are easy to create and up-keep if you have a dedicated person. If I had to I would use wikis for book reviews or book discussion purposes introductions to different subjects of interest.

YouTube Video: Cupid Shuffle Dance

Enjoy watching the cupid shuffle dance. It is an animated version. But It's one of the new dances now. I like the song and watching others do the dance. YouTube is cool. You can always find something interesting on the site. I don't really want to register for the service. I prefer the option of just browsing. I may only visit the site if there is something worth wild to see or cool songs to hear. I like how people can just videotape everyday things and post it online. Sometimes I think people have no life.

Here is the link to the animated video game verison of the Cupid Shuffle Dance:

Actually humans doing the dance:

Enjoy and learn a new dance!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Library 2.0- Breeding Techno Savvy, but Customer Friendly Librarians

Web 2.0, now Library 2.0, so many 2.0 soon it may Life 2.0. But anyway From reading the various perspectives on Library 2.0 from the library and information science profession, the one running theme I notice is technology and change. I think as a Librarian, a major quality is to enjoy technology and change. The profession has been changing since Benjamin Franklin created the Library Company of Philadelphia. Our ideas and the way we provide service to persons is evolving. I feel as a librarian you should be able to adapt to these changes and embrace technology. I always feel that the future of libraries is going to look like the library in the movie "Time Machine" 2002 where there will be no librarian standing at the desk and no print sources; all will be is a computer generated person doingthe reference interview and the information digitally appears. That part of the movie is so cool, especially since they had the Seven Up guy, Orlando Jones as the virtual librarian. I look ahead to the future of libraries and Library 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and so on.


I didn't think such a thing exist which is why I like doing these activities because I'm learning about these cool online tools that I can use in school and at work. Rollyo I will definitely use and even bookmarked it in my favorites.

Here's my progress of my little search I did using the search roll and keyword on digital libraries:

I only used a few websites that I knew off hand but at least I got something remotely interesting to connect with the few websites I entered.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I like it. I didn't know something like this exist. I have a new way of organizing my storytime books and favorite reads list. Good source for using to provide readers' advisory services to library patrons. Check out my short list at the link Good Books to Read. I'll add more but the assignment only asked for 5.

Techno Cool

One thing that I like to check out periodically is videos on You Tube. There are some that are just hilarious. One in particular I will share. It is called "THE ORIGINAL COCKROACH VS. WEATHERMAN". It is sooooo FUNNY. LOL! Here is the URL:

If it doesn't work just do a search and type in weatherman and the cockroach. It will be the one of the first results. Enjoy!

Ayo, I love technology!

New Meez

I love Meez. I can play on it all day. Check me out. If only I was small and sponky like my meez characters. I wish I knew about it before I started making mini web pages for fun. I will use them in the future.